Shell and C-Quest Capital to Provide Funding for an Indian Project Aimed at Improving Energy Efficiency.

One of the biggest home efficiency projects in the world will receive funding, according to a deal between Shell International Eastern Trading Company (Shell) and C-Quest Capital (CQC), the company developing the carbon initiative. In economically challenged rural and periurban areas of India, the "Project Shine I" project will swap out inefficient incandescent light bulbs (ICLs) with energy-efficient LED globes.

"Compared to a standard 100w ICL, the LEDs we are distributing use up to 90% less energy." The CQC Portfolio Manager, Jake Griffiths, stated. "Unfortunately, there is a lack of accessibility or people cannot afford to purchase them in the areas we are distributing them to."

In addition to providing households with access to cost-effective energy-efficient technology, trading in old ICLs for LEDs also helps us cut down on the garbage produced by outdated globes. This increases with time since LED globes' greater dependability and resistance to voltage changes allow them to eventually replace 10–20 ICLs.

Nearly 5% of all CO2 emissions are thought to come from lighting alone, according to estimates from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Up to 50 million LEDs will be distributed under Project Shine I.

Peak energy demand and the associated emissions from operating thermal power plants will be significantly reduced at scale as a result of the LEDs' lower energy usage.

Beneficiaries of the energy-efficient LEDs have seen gains in their discretionary income in addition to considerable reductions in emissions due to lower energy bills.

In addition to producing less heat and higher-quality light, LEDs also improve the quality of life and productivity of its users by enabling them to work and study for longer periods of time during the day with less eye strain. These qualities disproportionately help women and girls, who are more inclined to pursue further education after completing their domestic work.

Project Shine I is scheduled to undergo verification and validation by VERRA and certification via SDVISta (AMS II.C). Seven UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are addressed by the project, which has an impact on social, health, economic and climatic change.

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